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I was hoping that the delay is because of a redesign like they did with the mac pro, I have some ideas about it like mac pro mini or mac mini pro, who knows what they will call it.... Intel iris pro graphics would be nice but a nvidia 780m graphics chip would be better..... It should have thunderbolt 2 also....... I have an old six year old macbook whith os mavericks and want to upgrade to a new mac mini whenever they release it this year or next..... I do have one question about audio.  My macbook is only cabable of 96khz and 24 bit audio through the optical out and audio in but would like to use 192 khz and 24 bit audio for recording vinyl masters and for external microphone recordings.  Does the current mac mini do this?

MacBook, OS X Mavericks (10.9), 2.4 ghz core 2 duo, 8 gigs of RAM
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    Late 2012 Mini (the current one)

    Audio in/optical audio in port

    The Audio In port accommodates both digital optical input and analog audio input.

    Analog audio line input is accepted through a 3.5mm mini phone jack. The sound input port accepts line-level stereo signals up to 24-bit stereo 44.1-192kHz sampling rate. It also accepts a stereo miniplug-to-RCA cable adapter for connecting stereo equipment to the computer.

    Optical audio input is SPDIF format and uses a standard TOSLINK cable with a TOSLINK mini-plug adapter, accepting up to 24-bit stereo and 44.1-96kHz sampling rate.

    Headphone out/optical audio out portThe headphone/line out port accommodates digital optical audio output, analog audio output with a 24-bit, 44.1-192 kHz D/A converter, digital audio output up to 24-bit stereo and 44.1-192 kHz sampling rate and supporting encoded digital audio output (AC3 and DTS). For analog headphone / line output, use a standard audio cable with 3.5mm metal plug. For digital audio, you can use Apple iPhone headset with microphone or a standard TOSLINK cable with a TOSLINK mini-plug adapter


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    The rules of these boards prohibit speculation about future releases of any Apple product, but I think you will likely be disappointed in the graphics and/or audio if any present or future Mac mini. The mini has always been an intentionally low cost machine and features such as direct media interface with the video built into the chip are very likely to continue. If you are looking for high end video and audio the Mac Pro is definitely the computer you want, in the meantime you might take a hard look at the iMac.