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Hi, anybody knows how to solve this problem? I am creating a keynote document with quite a lot of pictures. After the 3-4 slide I could save the document with no problems. I am in the 11th slide now and suddenly, when I tried to save the document it told me: "Couldn't auto-save document"

I've tried to reduce file to no avail.

If anybody has a good suggestion of what the problem is I'd really appreiciate it. I've been working on it for hours and I am afraid if I close Keynote I would loose the document -

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    I have 21 slides. Latest everything (OS, Keynote etc...). No problems until I added some more pictures and now I get the same message.


    Every time I try to save my file, I get "Couldn't auto-save document". 


    Honestly, this is so pitiful, by a mega rich company that tells us continually that they produce amazing stuff.  Yes, Keynote truly is amazing. Powerpoint does not have these amazing problems. What is auto-save doing anyhow?  There are no setting for auto-save, nothing in the help files. I am not asking it to auto-save. I just click "save" but uncle Apple knows best, and fails. Sounds like my wife's iPad iOS 8.0.2 in which Pages is really unstable.  I guess Apple cannot afford proper testers.....?


    I can duplicate the document and it seems to save that new file fine.