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Prior to the last IOS update i was able to use Office Mobile for Office 365 on my ipad and it worked perfectly. Apple swapped bugs and has put me into a fit for a new tablet. I dont have money to keep upgrading everytime apple needs a buck. tech support cannot support the issue and i am left in the cold with work to do. I guess i am going to leave apple products and buy a new windows tablet so i cam work. this frustrates me to no end. I spend a ton of money for hardware and software and enjoy the benefits of having a dependable system which gives me what i paid for, then apple decides they need to sell me a new table and force me into the poor house in the process. Guess what Apple??? you lost a good customer and proponent for your product. I will buy a windows tablet that works like a professional machine out of the box and not be bothered with anymore work arounds for you poor code and customer sensitivty. You have made it so I dont care to buy another profuct or app from you again. you have squeaked you last dollar out of me. I am not a victim and i will not llow you to make me one. I hope you get the same treatment you give. have a great business life, short and not so sweet.

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    Just for the record, Microsoft has not updated their app since Aug 21, 2013. They had access to months of preview versions of iOS 7 and all of it's updates since. Who do you think is responsible for a broken app?


    Also, maybe try some basic troubleshooting steps before you rant. These issues are common after an OS update on EVERY platform, not just Apple devices.


    You can try resetting your iPad by simultaneously pressing and holding the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until you see the Apple Logo. This can take up to 15 seconds so be patient and don't release the buttons until the logo appears.


    Try again to see if the problem persists.