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Okay, just wrote up a huge essay about my phone then i accidentally swiped from the left side the littlest bit and it when back and i lost my whole question.


So I'm going to make this short,


Why is my Standby Time in the Usage Settings rising even when the phone is in use? I sure this is the reason my battery is being drained when doing anything on the phone. Does this happen to everyone?


Also I'm using IPhone 5C with IOS 7.0.4, a friend with the same phone is using IOS 7.1 and having the same problems so i haven't wanted to update yet


Thanks for all help, i will be checking this thread and replying to ant feedback or questions.



iPhone 5c, iOS 7.0.4
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    Hello Ihateallfruit,


    It sounds like you are concerned about the Standby Time increasing using your battery excessively. Here is some info about what the Standby Time indicates and why it keeps counting up when the device is asleep from the article named:


    iOS: About standby and usage time


    View Standby to see the amount of time the device has been turned on since its last full charge, including the time the device has been asleep.


    Here is another webpage that you can use to help optimize your settings to extend your battery life:




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