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Hey all..Ive just purchased GB11  and purchased the additonal content at the same time from the app store. For some mad reason I have problem installing the additonal Drummers and Drum kits. Garageband says I have purchased the additional content, would I like to download.. YES ! so it goes through ith the download..no problems encountered there, then it asks for my apple id password as it wants to make changes..so I do that. Then downlaod finishes and it says its installing..it gets to almost the very end of the install..AND I GET..CAN NOT INSTALL CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION.. Very Very bizarre indeed..if I had a problem then I wouldnt have got this far surely..also Ive tried 20 times now..since yesterday and the same happens every single time..

Help..its driving me berserk!

Im running my iMac on OS X Maverick..and Ive carried out a completely succeful install on my Macbook Pro yesterday..no issues with that or internet connection

I also have Logic pro 9 and mainstage 2 installed on both computers..could there be any conflicts happening on my iMac..thanks guys

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010)
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    Are you sure you have GB '11?


    The "purchased additional content" with Drummers and Aprpeggionators needs the newest GarageBand version, GarageBand 10.0.x, see: Expanding GarageBand for Mac (v10.0) content with an in-app purchase


    Be sure to accept GarageBand to your AppleID, see:  GarageBand for Mac (v10.0): Unable to complete in-app purchase


    If the download hangs with the "Can't install" and you are having the newest GarageBand version 10.0.2,  then just be patient. There seems to be a problem at the AppStore right now and many downloads not succeeding, but after several times trying again it finally will work.

    For me it took ten tries to complete the download.

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    Sorry yes its GB 10.0.02..I dont really unserdatnd why Apple ID could be an issue in this instance. Like I siad in my original post, Ive comopleted the very same installation on my Macbook Pro..no issues at all. Ive also just purchased Mainstage 3 this afternoon whilst waiting for the GB installation..that isnt taking place to happen and that has downloaded and installed, Ive yet to check it out though so I may have to come back on that one in a while. Very strange indeed.

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    I might also add that I also deleted and reinstalled GB once as well..and now I'm trying restore purchase..currently seems to be very very slow moving, saying 3 hours to download. The previous attempts though unsuccessful, said 7.2 GB of addititonal content. Now with the restore app purchase its saying 15.2GB of addititional content. Will keep you posted if I still dont get it installed. Thanks

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    My GarageBand 10.0.2 download a-okay, BUT a few months ago I had a problem with Logic content download.


    This might not be the same issue at all, but the thread that helped me work it out is at: https://discussions.apple.com/message/23595267#23595267


    Had to find a preference file, then do what's explained on that thread. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the post..I'm unsure if this will solve my issues, but I'll give it a try if the latest attempt should fail. So currently I have selected 'restore purchase' from about GarageBand link... It's been about 5 hours and it's still downloading, it's now saying around 25mins to go..then we shall see.

    As I mentioned, twiddling your thumbs gets really boring whilst your itching to get underway with a new app..so I did the decent thing and purchased another..Mainstage 3.. This time on my MacBook...( you'll remember that the issue with GB is on my iMac and the version I downloaded on my MacBook was AOK.. Everything downloaded a treat. So I digress, the Mainstage 3 has been downloaded to my MacBook..and it downloaded fine..but....I've tried to download the content and it's saying 4 hrs...maybe the reason is I'm also downloading GarageBand..so I've quit the Mainstage contents download for tonight..will check in again once this or if this download and install works tonight.

    Frustrates the **** out of me!

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    Well still no joy..6 hours later and exactly the same even after restore purchase..GB appears to download fully, then goes to install and gliche again..same message..can not complete the installartion check internet connection..very very bizarre, Garageband is in my applications folder and it seems to be working..just dont have what I paid for in respect of the additional content..in particular the drummers..( all are missing bar 1) and drum kits..I think 5 are missing..maybe some other stuff too..7.2gb can not be installed to my iMac.

    also Ive noticed tha Garageband is no longer in my Launchpad..does this have something to do with the delete I did earlier..beats me guys totally

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    Oh gosh...Thinking about the error mssage you are getting: "check internet connection."


    It IS possible many things will download but that music content will be an extra hassle. So...

    #1. In System Preferences you don't have FIREWALL on, do you?

    #2. You're not running any anti-virus programs, are you?

    #3. You don't have any special apps you installed that might restrict  Internet connection.


    Go to your Preferences folder and DELETE all Garage Band preferences

    files like: com.apple.garageband10.plist


    Um...you tried the tip of starting up your mac in Safe Mode?  Try booting the computer into Safe mode by holding down Shift.


    These are the 'routine' things to try...if you haven't tried them yet....


    If none of that worked for me, next I'd delete GarageBand -- using an app that deletes everything, like CleanApp of others (& there are some freebies out there).  -- Then run maintance scripts, repair permissions, reinstall the Garage Band app and try again....and keep your fingers crossed.

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    Still no good guys!!!!!! I turned on the iMac this morning and was invited to install Garageband content, only to find same thing happening, install stops and error message pops up..can not install..check interent connection!!!

    So in response to 60wpm

    1. No Firewall Off

    2 No A-V-P's running

    3 No Special Apps running..that I'm aware of that is.


    I'll try the delete all GB files and re-install again!..This is madning..The app works fine but wont allow me to install additonal 7.2gb of content..why?


    The app recognised that I have paid for additonal content and invites me to install..but then..says I have an internet connection problem that is preventing the installation..irritating..as clearly there is no internet connection problem


    So what else can I try guys...Ive done delete and reinstall once alreday..but will try again

    Ive done safe mode

    Ive done restore purchase

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    Instead of downloading the entire 7gigs all at once can you download it in smaller parts?


    Do you have enough free space on the computer?

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    No option to download less then the 7.2gb

    Lots of free space available on my iMac


    I've just completed the download for Mainstage 3 and was prompted to load additional content, then prompted again to only load NEW content..So Ive done that and its all loaded up and installed fine..so NO internet connection issues..and it seems to be fine.

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    Weird..Drummers are now there and also all the drum kits..still asking me to downlaod additional content and still crashes out at install..same message..can not download and install..check internet connection.

    so If I now have all the content..how come Im still getting this..how can I stop it..or check if I have all the missing content now?