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I have a 2nd gen iPad.  It is nearly impossible to read a book on it while sitting outside, in sunlight.  I would consider an upgrade, newer iPad if reading would be significantly better. Recommendations?

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4
  • drsailer Level 4 (1,505 points)

    It's not any better with the newer iPads, sorry. Bright light still makes the screen nearly unreadable.

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    Thank you!  I hope Apple developer folks are reading these messages and work to add that feature to future iPads!

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    It's an issue common to all backlit screens. To make a significant improvement would require a completely different screen technology such as the "digital ink" screens as are used in the non-Air Kindles which would then be less ideal when not viewed in bright light. There have been some attempts at "hybrid" screens which combine technologies from standard LCD screens, used in almost all tablet computers and the "digital ink" screens, but such efforts have to date not produced a usable product.



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    iPads aren't Amazon Kindle Readers.

    I believe that Amazon has patents on their paper white Kindle Reader tablets

    Barnes & Nobke Nook readers license Amazon's easy read paper white technology. So that is why their readers work similarly to Kindles.

    Apple is not interested in licensing technology. It either develops its own and/or buys out technology companies.

    So, it maybe a long time before we see Apple develop it own easy read screen that works in bright sunlight

    But who knows? Only Apple.

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    Try some polarised sunglasses when outside in the sun with your ipad.

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    Thanks!  However, I have tried polarized sunglasses, and unfortunately, they make the screen look almost totally black.