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I left my ipad mini on the airplane and i had it on airplane mode (not aware it could be used normaly) What should I do since i can not use the find my iphone app because it is on airplane mode? I have put notify when found on just in case someone hacks into it. Same with make a noise, that way i will get 2 emails saying that it has been found. Also we have called United and they said they cant do much because they dont clean out the plane, so they dont have any idea where it would be. If someone finds it (in the seat backpocket) then they can take it or give it to the flight attendent. If they take it and get into it again i have the email thing on, but if they give it to the flight attendent it goes to Huston. We filled out a claim online and explained what it looks like and we hopefully would get contacted but if not then i dont know what to do is there anything else i can do?       I have the iphone 5c and then my ipad mini, but without my ipad mini i have no games, because i dont want to use up my 16 g on my phone thats why i am trying sooo hard. I lost it on 3/21/14 and its 3/24/14.