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My slideshow with music, to be played on a DVD-player, contains 571 items (running time of 41:19).

Following up a similar discussion and advise (october 2011) I created a Burn Folder (6,79 GB), which 'Magic DVD' in iDVD does not accept to be moved in. What now? Also, is the slideshow to be slit in two, as for now the Burn Folder exceeds the standard DVD capacity of 4.7 GB?

Is using Roxio's Toast a better solution?

Why does Apple stubbornly refuse, or resist, to provide in the exporting directly from within Aperture itself to a DVD? I suspect many a customer indeed who wants to be allowed that possibility. In fact, iPhone, iPod and iPad do not have to be the unique and only sharing destinations imposed on us, right?

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iMac11,3 (2.8 GHz Intel Core i5), Mac OS X (10.6.6), 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
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    You're confused.


    If you're using iDVD then there is no need for a Burn Folder. A Burn Folder is for burning a data disk. That won't play on a domestic DVD player. iDVD authors and burns the disk for you.


    See the iDVD forum for more.


    Optical media deprecated now. You can't buy any Mac with an optical drive now, and the shiny disks are going the way of the floppy disk. iPad and iPhoen are not the only sharing destinations. Once you export - a process that makes the movie of your slideshow - you can share anything anywhere.

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    Thanks Terence, you are a great help.


    The confusion certainly came from the last reaction by 'Stephenfromfortcollins' on oct. 15 2011, in response to Frank Caggiano.

    If I understand well, it would have made no difference if I had made a normal folder in the Finder first, instead of creating a 'Burn Folder'?


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    Forget about the folders.


    Export the slideshow. That makes a Movie of it.


    Launch iDVD. Make a project in iDVD. Add the movie to that project. Burn the project to disk with iDVD.

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    It seems so easy and obvious, but what is the best choice in my case.


    As said, my full-featured slideshow contains 571 images and runs for 41 minutes 19 seconds. I do not know the amount of GB (how to reveal?).


    'Export' under 'Aperture > File' has 4 options: "Version, Original, Metadata and Slideshow as New Library". I presume this kind of export is irrelevent and not what you mean.


    In the pop-up menu within the specific 'Export' button dialogue in the top-right corner of the Slideshow Editor, the options in the viewing platform concerning movies offers HD 720p or HD 1080p. Given the limited capacity of a DVD, what's the best choice of export "that makes a movie of it"?  

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    You won't know the size of the movie until you export it... a movie made at HD1080 will be larger than the same one at 720


    The best export setting? No one knows. Too many variables.


    For instance, even if you export at the highest setting - Full HD - your images will be compressed. Why? Full HD is only about 2 megapixels. So if you have even a modest point and shoot, these days they're shooting 12 or more megapixels, not to mention DLSRs going to 24 or more. So, when the slideshow is made your images will lose 80 or more percent of their data. And, frankly, how that turns out will depend on the sharpness and quality of the images - so pot luck there.


    Second problem: DVD is not HD


    So, if you export at Full HD then the process of burning the disk will compress the video to Standard Definition, and you'll lose another 60% or thereabouts. The resulitng quality? Pot luck again, depending on the sharpness and quality of the exported slideshow and so on.


    The *best* way to get this to a TV is export at Full HD and use streaming to an AppleTV or similar device. Maybe even BluRay, but that requires additional hardware and software.


    Personally, I would try and minimise the compression by iDVD and try and export at a Standard Def from Aperture. That way it's easier to go back and tweak things and try again. I'd *start* with the AppleTV, iPad setting.


    But pot luck, as I say.