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The latest iTunes issue is that, after moving all my songs to iCloud (i have iTunes Match) and removing them my Macbook, an ! shows up by the song. When I go to play the song, I am asked if I want to locate the song. I hit Cancel, the song plays, and the ! disappears.


Do I have to do this for every song now? The !s are scattered randomly in my large iTunes library.

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,342 points)

    I don't have iTunes Match and don't use iCloud so I can't speak for that.  Normally if you see a ! by a song it means iTunes has a reference for it but the actual file was missing when iTunes last checked (usually at startup).  If you click on it and it suddenly plays it means the file has reappeared.  A common situation for this is where somebody has media on an external drive and their library files on the internal drive.  They start up iTunes without the external drive fully mounted and iTunes doesn't see the files, but then they start the drive and when you click on the track and iTunes has another look it is suddenly there and plays.  I know you didn't say this was your scenario but maybe there's something else going on similar to this.  Do you manually manage media, or keep media on separate volumes?


    How did you remove the files from your Macbook?  Again, I don't have Match but I thought some other icon would appear for those songs. 
    iTunes Match: Understanding the iCloud Status icons - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4124


    By the way, I hope you have your files archived on a drive at home too.  Match is a convenience feature but not a place to store your only copy of music.

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    I do have all my music backed up on an external drive as well as being in the cloud. To save hard drive space on my Mac I removed all the songs since I can play them via iCloud. Since the songs play after I hit Cancel in the popup about not finding my songs, do I just have to live with the asteriks?

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    If iCloud is involved there is a symbol inside a cloud.  Are you seeing any clouds?


    An asterisk is *  (star).  Are you seeing that?  I use an older iTunes but I haven't seen anybody mention asterisks on the forum before so that's a new one to me.  Or did you mean a ! which is an exclamation mark?

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    I have some icloud symbols, and sorry, I meant the exclamation point.



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    We need to know exactly what you are seeing (to post an image you have to use the camera icon in the editor window), and the status of the tracks for those sysmbols.  You can, for example, have a plain old ! which means one thing, and a cloud with a ! inside of it which means another.  Right now I know you see clouds, and not clouds, and ! which repair themselves, and some tracks that you deleted by some means I still know not how, and...  Plus I've given you some starter information with which you might be able to refine your statements regarding the status of your tracks.