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Hello. About a week ago I reinstalled the Mavericks,  prior I use to have 2-3 seconds shut off time, I have now 12 seconds. I am using now OS X 10.9.2 version, Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15. The reason why I made the reinstall: I didnt knew that in order to use win 7 I dont have to install it via Boot Camp. After I have installed win 7 via Boot Camp I also installed Parallels version 9, used it in trial mode, worked awesome. Meanwhile I wanted to make free the partition that Ive used for win 7 via Boot Camp (70 gb), because Ive realized that it is not needed for me to run win 7. Stupid me, I didnt delete it via Boot Camp, bottom line is that I was not able to delete it at all, Ive tried from recovery mode, disk manager, was not able to delete the partition. At the moment I still had a very good shut off time, about 2-3 seconds, everything was ok despite of the fact that I was not able to access the 70 gb. I have now a boot time of 11-12 seconds, not bad but this time was also shorter prior reinstall. Ive dowwnload the OS X from apple store, made a bootable usb drive using DiskMakerX. Booting from this usb drive I was able finally to erase the entire drive and made the reinstall. I am using now parallels version 8 instead of 9, because I had an activation key for version 8, works fine. So, I would say that my longer shut off time is not affected by me using parallels 8. I tried to repair the disk from recovery mode, didnt changed my shut off time, made the smc reset and also made pram reset. Nothing helped. What is there to do, how can I have the same very short shut off time? I rarely turn off the mac, but still this is very annoying. Thank you for reading, waiting for ideas and advices.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Other OS, OS X 10.9.2