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Hello All--


I've still got a few clients' Power Mac G5s doing a great job serving with Leopard Server. I'd like to keep doing so, and probably can for a while. My main issue is the 2GB hard-coded quota limit in the Mac OS X Server mail service implementation of Cyrus (which has been discussed in many threads here years ago). These days, it's pretty easy for users to obliterate a 2GB quota, and then they get to asking about workarounds (rather than pruning, of course!). So, I thought I'd see if anybody was still reading here and had any new thoughts or suggestions on how to deal with this.


Mainly, I have 2 questions:


1. Is there a way to recompile or reconfigure Cyrus on MOSXS 10.5.8 to eliminate this restriction?

2. If not, is removing a user's quota limit and allowing them to store more than 2GB going to cause database corruption? I believe I recall Alex (pterobyte) mentioning in some documentation-- maybe on the OS X TopicDesk site-- that a single mailbox > 2GB was a bad idea in Cyrus.

3. If #1 is no and #2 is yes, what other options might there be? Or is the only solution to procure new hardware and upgrade the MOSXS version?


Thoughts? Ideas? Revelations?!?!


Thanks for any new discussion!