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I had trouble with my iPhoto constantly crashing, so I downloaded and used iPhoto Library Manager. Now when I am trying to get back to using iPhoto by re-importing my pictures, I keep getting a notification saying there is not enough space on my harddrive. I have spent a long time deleting large and unneccessary files all over my computer, but I am still unable to import my images to the iPhoto library.

Does anyone have an idea of what I can do? I am starting to get worried that I will never be able to reach my pictures again




+ I have deleted all iPhoto iPod caches or whatever they're called based on recommendation from many sites.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    OS X needs about 10 gigs of hard drive space for normal OS operations - things like virtual memory, temporary files and so on.


    Without this space your Mac will slow down as the OS hunts for space on the disk, files will be fragmented, also slowing things down, apps will crash and the risk of data corruption - that is damage to your files, photos, music - increases exponentially.


    Your first priority is to make more space on that HD. Nothing else can be done until you do.


    Purchase an external HD and move your Photos and Music to it. Both iPhoto and iTunes can run perfectly well with the Library on an external disk.