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I have an iPad 2 as well as iPad 4, iPhone 4 and Macbook Pro. Each of these connect fine to my home network, however my iPad 2 suddenly couldn't find any networks or my iPhone 4 personal hotspot, bluetooth or wifi.


I went to Singapore and hey presto, it could find and connect to wifi networks with ease.

Then I came home to Australia, couldn't find any networks or personal hotspots again. Went to work, same issue, couldn't find the network at work. So took it to the Apple Genius Bar and it worked automatically again without changing any settings. Reset to factory settings just incase this somehow helped getting it home.

Took it home, worked fine. Recovered from a previous backup and still worked fine.

Brought my ipad into work yesterday, couldn't find my personal hotspot or wifi networks. Took it home, can't find any networks. Reset my modem and it still can't find any networks (or my personal hotspot) even though all other devices automatically connect.


Any suggestions? I suspect when I take it to Japan next week it will probably work fine, then I'll come home and it probably won't. Is it some sort of software issue? Why would it stop working every time I take it out of my home network and bring it back?

I have all the latest updates.

Thanks in advance and reading through!

iPad 2, iOS 7.1