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I have several IOS devices and updated each of them to Apple's release of IOS 7.1.


Unfortunately my iPhone 4s did not update successfully. It was affected by the widely reported issue regarding WiFi being disabled permanently. After the update to IOS 7.1, wifi is no longer an accessible option on the IPhone 4s.


After doing some online research and identifying this as a common problem, I tried some of the suggestions available online such as resetting settings and restoring from backup. None of these suggestions worked.


I brought the iPhone 4s to the apple store at the Rideau Center in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and spoke to one of the employees. He stated that it was not an apple issue and that it was a problem with my phone that would cost $200 to resolve. He said that it was not a problem related to the ios 7.1 update and that it was a "coincidence" that it happened at the same time as the update to ios 7. 1 and was probably an issue with the wifi chip.


It is surprising to me that applying an update recommended by apple and using the iPhone 4s in the manner in which it was designed (using wifi) would cause this basic function (wifi) to cease to function.


Wifi is an essential part of my day to day use of this device. I am appalled that apple is denying the problem and has no resolution for it.


If anyone else this problem, please go to your nearest apple store and let this forum know your experience in getting the issue resolved.

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    With due respect under stress when major system files are being re-written hardware can fail, its has been known. I have many friends who don't have this issue with the iPhone 4s, none so far that have in fact, your situation is unusual that's all, I'm not saying it didn't happen. It is possible for hardware to fail, you do not know positively that its the softwares fault either its just that the coincidence has led you to that belief.


    Since Apple examined the phone and said its hardware its hardware that simple. Software does not kill hardware but design though. So that's it I'm afraid. Hardware fails, it could have gone at any time, and the update is good for most phones in all honesty as you only see the minority here out of millions of phones that have issues. Take this unfortunate situation as part of life and move on. Not I know what you want to here, but I doubt there is a 'issue to resolve' and the only one in your case is that you need to replace your phone, as you have been told. Sorry but that's the simple truth, there is no conspiracy here. Hope you get a resolution.