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What is the best way to use an iMac and MacBook Air?  Should I use a time machine backup from my iMac to essentially copy the iMac or should I setup two different computers?  I originally wanted to have both of them mirror each other but there isn't a way to do so with out paying for it.  I know you can use Drop Box but the one file that I want to transfer is too large without paying for extra file store options.  What are your thoughts? 


Also, up until just recently I had the Air setup from a time machine backup but I ran into issues with the Air having the same names as the iMac [i.e. the Air was labeled iMac (2)].

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    I am having some difficulty understanding your question because you seem to be offering a method of solving a problem (e.g., using mirroring) instead of describing the problem you are trying to solve (e.g., having a redundant system, or keeping a current backup).


    Anyway, an easy way to migrate from an iMac to a MacBook Air without having the computer name problem you mentioned would be to use Migration Assistant.  This explains:



    Regarding Time Machine backup, your question implies that Time Machine storage is somehow equivalent to a computer.  Instead, I suggest viewing Time Machine storage as equivalent to a storage device, such as an Apple Time Capsule.

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    Thank you for your response.


    I'm sorry for the confusion but purhaps I am confused and so I don't exactly what to ask.  I am going to attempt following the instructions found in the link you left and we'll se how it goes from there. 


    I was not happy with the way I using the computers so I am going to try a new way.

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    Good luck!  I hope you find using the MacBook Air and Time Machine quite intuitive (as I do).