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In the "Projects and Events" top level of the Libraries pane, there is a pre made "folder" called Projects.  The icon is a purple square with a star. This is identical to all the others which I assume are Events. I I click on an "Event" all the clips are revealed in the pane to the right. But if I click on the tiny trinagle, nothing is revealed. I don't understand this.


Now my real question: If I click on the triangle for the pre made  Projects fodler, it reveals 4 collections called: Complete, Incomplete etc. Also their icons look like a strange blue page. I made these and they seem to have come from the previous verions of FCP X.  When I reveal the contents of Incomplete, what I want to do is move a project, by dragging, to the Complete collection. Instead of moving it though, it copies it. The only way to get rid of the project in the Incomplete collection is by moving it to the trash, but this really does delete it everywhere!


I find the new version very hard to understand. All I want is to group project according to their being complete or not, or some other catagory, but I canno figure it out.


Any help?



final cut pro x, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Because the changes to the 10.1 library model were so substantial there has been a huge amount of info on updating and they way this model affects organization put  out by Apple and many training organizations.


    Here is a very good document by Apple; it gets right into the files created by updating. There are other docs by Apple as well as articles and free video tutorials by trainers easily found by a search.


    The short answer is events live in libraries and projects live in events. Left to its own devices, the first time 10.1 is launched it will update the projects and events it sees on connected drives and make a library for each drive. The disclosure triangles reveal collections. If there are no collections, nothing will show when opened.