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I continue to try the Edit, Select a message, Press and Hold Move, then release message select to move mass mail to trash. It still does not work, and I was really hopeful after the latest software upgrade. My iPad either acts like it is working on it for a hopeful few minutes, but then kicks out of mail all together without accomplishing anything, or just will not accept the instructions at all and just deletes the 1 msg.


This solution works only sometimes on my iPhone, but never on my iPad. I am so frustrated with this simple yet apparently extremely difficult operation that I am considering buying other brand handhelds. Maybe I will dump the mail program all together and only check web mail. That would be cheaper by far but renders the iPhone pretty useless for checking mail.


Does anyone have a real solution other than the first sentence?

iPad 2, iOS 7.1, Plus iphone
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    How to Mass Delete Emails from iPhone and iPad Inbox (with video)



     Cheers, Tom

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    Can you tell me what is happening ( sorry, it sounds like you have been through this before)


    What email are you using? ( yahoo, Google, outlook, etc)


    What happens after you delete?   Are the messages coming back?   Are there so many coming in you can't delete fast enough? (Spam and junk mail)


    When you delete a mail, what does the red box say? ( trash, junk, archive ?)

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    I know the "solution" that you are talking about. I have recommended it to a few users in the past. It wasn't my solution, but it came up in a discussion in which I participated.


    The bottom line is that there is no real solution to mass delete email in the mail app. It just cannot be done.

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    Demo, You are correct. Thanks for the validation.

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    I have tried the solution discussed, and frankly have never been able to get it to work. And it is certainly not an officaial or intendded function of the mail app (actually a bug, strictly speaking).


    My personal solution was to purchase Mailbox, and manage incoming mail through it. It doesn't allow mass deletes in the inbox (so, no, will not solve your current dilemma), but it is designed for specifically keeping mail organized and the inbox clear. I've found that it works very nicely. (Caveat: this app only works with Gmail and iCloud mail at this time). There are a number of mail apps available, and certainly may be one that allows deletion en mass, but I am not aware of one specifically.

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    Thanks, this is the same "solution" that I have been trying since last Fall. Does not work. I am a web designer, too, so I get it. It doesn't get me.

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    Thanks, sounds like my best choice. I am in the process of migrating to gmail, so it may be the best solution. Thanks for the reply.

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    Using just Mail provided with device. I have followed all demos to no avail. I think I will follow advice from James and use a separate app.


    On my iPhone, Mail moves to Trash, and the Inbox says "no mail", when I check Trash, there is nothing in it. Then when I go back to my Inbox, they are all back. I do have "delete from server" selected, still a mess.


    On my iPad, it toggles to the folders to select Trash as Move recipient, then it sits there for a few minutes, during which time it will not accept any other commands except for Cancel. Then it kicks completely out of mail to desktop. Nothing was moved.

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    Have you looked at the 'advanced' settings?


    settings - mail, contacts, calendars - advanced


    Make sure it has the correct setting for sent, drafts, deleted and archived mail

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    Thanks Liz. Have that all set.

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    I played around with the app for a while.   This is why I parked it on the back page and downloaded my mail-specific app.    Wouldn't be the first time the stock app let us down.