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I tried four different cables. 


I open itunes, plug in ipod, itunes isn't showing my ipod.  I try to remove the device, sometimes I can, sometimes I get the message I cannot because a program is in use that it is connect to.


I try plugging the device into the computer then starting itunes.  Itunes won't open with the device plugged in.


I reset the device, getting the apple a few times. 


After the about the fifth time of resetting, all of my music is gone, yet the ipod says I have zero space available.


I used to have it about 1/4 full with songs and a few videos. 


I tried resetting it again, and plugging into a different computer.  Same result. 


I ran an update to itunes again.  Same result.


I cannot put my music back in, because itunes can't see the ipod, but my computer can, sort of.  When I try to open the device as a hard drive on my computer, the computer won't do it either.  If itunes could see the device, it wouldn't allow me to put anything on it anyway, cause the device says it's full.  The wrong date, time and time zone are also showing on the device. 

iPod classic 160GB (Late 2009), Windows XP Pro, Also Windows 7 on the laptop