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I am connected to internet...all other devices receive emails (ipad, iphone).  However, my main computer will not receive emails anymore.  Why?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Are you aware of any changes to your setup that might've triggered this - eg, a new iPhone etc? If you turn all those other devices off, then restart your computer and modem, does the issue persist?


    What does it do instead of "working"? Recap the process you run through to get it to try to check for messages, and make note of how what you're expecting to happen differs from what does happen. For example, do you see any strange symbols next to your account names, and do any error messages pop up on your screen?


    How many email accounts do you have configured in Mac Mail, how many are affected, and which email providers are they with?


    Are there any issues in sending emails from this computer?

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    • No new devices.
    • Turned off all devices, restarted computuer and modem....did not resolve.  (Left the other devices in "Power Off" mode during the restart process and while opening Mac Mail, etc. to determine if this action resolved the issue.
    • Mail Service = Yahoo Mail Plus.  Using Mac Mail 4.6 to interface with Yahoo Mail POP.  Have a Yahoo Mail Plus Account in good standing that allows the POP process to work. 
    • The password, ports, etc. appear correct.  Mail is received on iOS devices; however, incoming mail is not received on my Mac through Mac Mail. Interestingly, I can send mail from my Mac through Mac Mail.
    • In order to attempt to receive mail, I open Mac Mail and click the "Get Mail" button in the top left hand corner.  After a few seconds, the normal "bleep" sound occurs; however, no new mail is in the inbox or spam folders.  There is not a little error sign next to "Inbox" which would normally show if I didn't have an Internet connection or if my password was incorrect.  No error messages pop up on my screen.
    • Have only one email account configured in Mac Mail and it's the Yahoo Mail Plus account noted above.
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    What does Mail/Window/Connection Doctor Show? If the server is red, select it and look at the Show Details box.


    Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages

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    Ok.  So this is interesting.

    • Previously, I had checked my storage with Yahoo Mail Plus and I had tons of available space.
    • Similar to this post, I sent an email to Yahoo Mail customer service outlining my problem.  Did not receive a response.
    • Despite my Yahoo Mail Plus account showing plenty of available space, I decided to clean-up (delete emails and delete the resulting Trash) the various folders in the Yahoo Mail Plus account.
    • While deleting emails from the Sent folder and Spam folder in Yahoo Mail Plus, my Mac Mail started uploading my inbox from Yahoo Mail Plus.
    • I don't know if someone at Yahoo Mail "fixed something" in response to my customer service email or whether Yahoo Mail wasn't allowing Mac Mail to upload my Inbox due to some "folder sublimit" issue that wasn't readily apparent (which was "resolved" when I started cleaning up the Yahoo Mail folders).
    • I know it wasn't the overall storage that shows on your Yahoo Mail account because I checked that as one of the first things. 


    Anyway, I'm back up and running.  Thanks for responding and working with me to try to figure this out.