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I have an iPad on iOS 7 and when i turned it on this morning it gave me a gray screen saying no internet connection. I cant do anything with it, it wont let me hit the home button and get out of it, nothing. I've already tried reseting it by holding down both of the buttons and letting it restart and it gives me the same message. This is a work iPad and there is software and stuff that I cannot delete so I am unable to restore it. Is there any other option for me? Thanks.

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    Do you regularly back up?   To where?

    If your employer has to manage backup and restore, I think that is what needs to be done, 

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    If it's a work iPad, take it to your IT department and ask them to troubleshoot it for you. Restoring the software would probably be the next thing to try.


    One thought though, have you tried connecting it to iTunes on your computer? If you don't normally sync with iTunes, don't try it now.