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Radio worked fine until yesterday, 3/27/14. Favorites still listed, but won't connect when selected. New selections won't connect either. Nothing from the radio. No other changes to the system. Screen shows "loading internet radio stations" with a spiral, but they don't load. This has happened in the past. Every few months it seems. Usually restores itself, or restores on repowering. Connection is fine. All other functions work, and it can get to YouTube, indicating it can connect.

Apple TV
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    Working fine on my system. Have you tried a reset and restore?

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    Thanks. No, not a reset to factory settings. Too much else connected through the ATV that I don't fully understand (I inherited the system), so I'll not do that without figuring out all of that. But I appreciate the suggestion. That may be what I need to do and will get some help before doing it so as not to lose everything. You confirm it isn't a system problem, and that is helpful. I guess it's just me...  Thanks again.