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So i was trying to organize some photos of mine from the computer and the internet.


I created folders in my pc and made my ipad synced with them as albums(folder names=albums).

Then i downloaded an image from the internet in my ipad and i wanted to move it to the correct album instead of cameral roll.


To my surprise i couldnt move it to the albumbs i send through my pc because they were greyed out, so i made a new folder with the same name as that folder i had in my pc and transferred the image there along with all the other images from the pc album.


So now in order to avoid having 2 albums for the same thing i removed the that folder from my pc and synced with ipad. I also deleted the downloaded image from camera roll because i didnt need it to be there and only wanted it to be in my new album.


Then to my surprise after syncing and deleting that image all the photos in the new album have dissapeared which means the image was never transfered, it was just linked there and if the original is gone then it is removed.


My question is.


Is there any way to organize my photos in albums, albums that you can move images to from camera roll and arent greyd out when you are trying to add an image to them. And also to move images in those albums without having to keep a copy of them in camera roll??


Having to update your pc folders everytime you download something from ipad is a pain.

iPad, iOS 7.1
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    Albums that you sync from your computer can't be deleted or amended directly on your iPad - you can only add photos to them, or remove photos, by adding/removing them on the folder on your computer and resyncing.


    And when you create an album in the Photos app on your iPad and 'copy' a photo into it you are only creating a pointer to the photo, you're not creating a separate copy of the photo - so if you then delete the original photo from your iPad you will also be deleting all pointers to it and therefore remove it from any albums that you've 'copied' it into.


    There are third-party photo management apps such as Photo Manager Pro which you could use instead - you can copy photos to that app from your computer, and to/from the Photos app, and you can delete photos (including those copied from a computer) directly in it. So you could use an app such as that for your albums.