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shirleymk Level 1 Level 1
OK. New question.
I plugged in the ipod shuffle to charge the battery. The yellow light kept blinking for over 2 hours. When I tried to eject it, I kept getting a message along the lines of can't disconnect ipod because it is still in use, try again later.
I shut itunes down to try to eject it using windows explorer as was suggested and it still said no. Finally, after 3 hours I just took it out (I know, not a good thing).
What was it doing? I had just installed itunes 6.0.5 after using 4.8 for many months on my other ipod. (This one that kept blinking is a new ipod shuffle)
Any info someone can give will be appreciated.....so that the next time I'll know what is going on.

win xp, Windows XP
  • Steven Blunk Level 4 Level 4
    It might mean that you've enabled Disk Use. If you have, the light will blink.

    It might mean the shuffle was trying to establish communication with iTunes. If this was the case, then it wasn't ever recognized by iTunes and you can begin troubleshooting 'iPod isn't recognized by iTunes'.

    It might mean that the shuffle was communicating with iTunes to update the songs on it. Three-plus hours seems pretty excessive, though.

    All I can think of off the top of my head. Good luck.