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My issue is primarily that I have spent the past week attempting different tips and tricks scattered throughout this site and have found nothing that works.


My iPod touch is recognized fine by my laptop, but iTunes does not notice it. The cable works fine because it still charges. Essentially, both the iPod and iTunes are not on speaking terms. I have wiped my laptop of iTunes at least 5 times and redownloaded it to no avail. I obviously cannot restore the iPod to factory settings if it will not be recognized digitally. And yes, I have turned everything involved off and on... repeatedly.


I use a Dell Inspiron with Windows 8, recently 8.1. I think that's the reason for my problem, either that or the iTunes update I finally allowed


I'm looking for someone who will either:


A) Actually walk me through what needs to be done rather than send me to a "helpful" site that requires ten hours of decifering. Or,


B) Tell me there is an update in the works that will hopefully resolve this issue.

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.6