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I recorded a new audio file using the Quicktime player 10 on my Macbook, but when I go to "File", there is no "Export" function.


When I choose "Save As" my only options are to save the file as a .mov or for the iphone. Why is there no functionality for me to export my audio file as an m4a (m-peg)?


After reading various online tutorials, I used iTunes to convert my file to an m4a file, but it came out at 42 MB, more than twice the size of the original .mov!! How can I save my audio file (which was about 20 min) as a smaller sized audio file (either mpeg or mp3)? Also, is there a difference in saving it as mpeg or mp3? (That is, if I do need to download another converter, which should I convert to? an Mpeg or Mp3?)



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)