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Hello. I have had my iPod Touch since 2011 and just recently I could not get it to show up in iTunes when I put the USB cable in to sync it. What ends up happening instead is a window appears showing my Apple iPod. I can click it and go into the Internal Storage which only shows my pictures and videos taken with the camera, but no music.


So I tried almost all of the troubleshooting steps here on iTunes support (except for starting all over erasing all songs and data because I am not ready to do that and I do not believe it would do anything with the synchronization process), and unfortunately nothing has worked. I tried the running as admin and compatibility mode and it still just comes up with that window whenever I connect. I ran the diagnostics and the iPod is not showing up (the only red X). I have Windows 8. Is there anything I can do to make iTunes recognize that the iPod is connected to the laptop?

iPod touch, iOS 7.1