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The slide to unlock on my iPad won't work. When I try to slide, a long retangular box comes up around it and it won't slide. I've done a hard reset and it does nothing. Anything else I can do before bringing it in?

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ), iOS 7.1
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    Sounds like you have VoiceOver (one of the accessibility features) 'on' - if you turn up the iPad's volume does it say what you are tapping on screen ? If it does then try triple-clicking the home button and see if that turns it off, and if it does you can then change what a triple-click does via Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut .


    If that doesn't turn it off then you can either turn it off directly on the iPad (you need to use a tap-to-select and then double-tap to activate/type process and 3 fingered scrolling) to go into Settings > General > Accessibility and turn VoiceOver 'off', or you can do it by connecting to your computer's iTunes (after typing in your passcode via the tap/double-tap process) : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4064

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    That is definitely the problem. Right before this happened I hit something and it started talking, reading everything on the screen. I tried shutting it off by hitting the home button three times but that didn't work. I'll try the other. Thanks so much!