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I'm an Australian living in Canada. I use the great new Aussie voice for iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 4S, but anytime I use Siri to make a general search such as "Search Football Rules", I get a list of websites ending in .com.au (Australian websites). This is very annoying, because there are practically no instances where I need Siri to give me search results relevant to Australia. Siri didn't seem to have a problem giving me results relevant to my local area before 7.1. How can I change it back?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1
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    Hello benjamcg


    You can change the language by going to Settings > General > Siri > Language and you should be able to change it for Canada.


    iOS: Understanding Siri and VoiceOver voices




    -Norm G.

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    Thanks Norm.


    I think this maybe what caused the problem.


    But I need to know if it's possible have Siri speak Australian, while search in Canada... I speak Australian, but I live in Canada. I would like Siri to do the same. Or is it impossible to have Siri search outside the country she sounds like?

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    Hey benjamcg


    No. When you change the language, it change the region to where it language is associated with. So you would not be able to use the Australian Siri voice and have it search in Canada.


    iOS: About Siri



    Can I use Siri in any of these languages in other countries?

    Yes. You can enable Siri in any country, and you can choose to speak to it in any of the languages that Siri supports. However, Siri is designed to recognize the specific accents and dialects of the supported countries listed above. Since every language has its own accents and dialects, the accuracy rate will be higher for native speakers. Find more information regarding which Siri features are supported around the world.


    -Norm G.

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    Thanks Norm,


    What an annoying new and impared addition to the iOS. I can't imagine any iPhone user would ever want search results that pertain to a place thousands of miles away, based on their accent. 7.0 Siri seemed to understand that just fine. Worst of all, there's no way to define Siri's default search parameters. What a pity.


    Thanks again for the quick reply mate!