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Our church uses mychurchevents.com as our on-line calendar.  You can subscribed to this calendar and have it show with your other calendars.  Our problem (for all our staff) is the hour is showing CDT as the time zone which we are in Central Time Zone but it is showing 1 hour too late.  This happened around the Daylight Savings Time beginning.  Thought it would correct itself but no it hasn't and we now have wrong times on our events through the subscription.  The times show correctly on iPhones/iPads but incorrectly on Mac OS 10.9.2.   My pastor is unhappy and I can't figure out how to fix it for all of us.  I have checked all the time zones everywhere and they are set correctly.  The times are correct on the mychurchevent calendar.    Here's the link to our calendar if you need it to try anything.   It has to be something in the subscription but I don't know how to find that or correct it since the times are correct in the original calendar and on the phones.


http://www.mychurchevents.com/calendar/calendar.aspx?ci=L6L6H2K5M7J4N8N8H2http:/ /

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    Just to chip in - this happens as well when I import appointments sent to me by colleagues via Lotus Notes. Despite the fact that the time zone is correct (CEST in my case) in the ics-file, iCal looks at the appointment as being CET, effectively having everything shceduled one our too late.

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    When synching to my iPhone 5 from Outlook, the calendar creates appointments that all have a notation of the time in CDT, and i live in EDT.  This happened with the change to daylight savings time, and both before and after the most recent 8.? ios update.  It also happened last Fall when we switched from daylight to standard time. I called in apple support, paid $29 to try to figure it out. After talking to 3 different people, someone finally told me it was a problem with the software update and Apple needs to fix it.  But first, the techs had me loading and unloading my contact with my exchange server several times, which is a real pain. Over the total process the time zone then switched to GMT and i had to go in and reset my calendar default time, but in the meantime all of my appointments on my iPhone are at an incorrect time.  It's a total MESS!  I thought that Apple was better than that.... I switched from another smartphone to an iPhone to avoid such hassles.... Go figure.  .... More mess-up. Seems you just can't get away from it, and it really tarnishes my opinion of Apple .... and also my willingness to accept updates!!!! I'm very disappointed.