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Before the latest update to GarageBand app for the iOS, I could export songs to the Mac GarageBand 6.0.5 with ease. Now with iOS version 7.0.2, when I try to open the song, a message appears telling me I must update my Mac Garageband to the newest version.  This isn't possible on my version of OS-X, which is Snow Leopard, the most my computer can handle.  This is not what their support page for iOS Garageband says "...will not work with Garageband for Mac version 6.0.1 or earlier...must us 6.0.2 or later."(http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4574)


So with my OS and Mac software versions maxed out, and no way that I can find to revert back to a previous version of garageband for the iOS, I'm stuck no longer being able to export to my computer.  I even thought if I could maybe try to download 6.0.5 or even 6.0.4 again on to my Mac it might start working, but when I try to download it says I must download from the Mac App Store, and guess what, you can only download the latest version of Garageband for Mac which will not download to my Snow Leopard OS-X.  So stuck...can anybody help?

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