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Way back in 2000 or so (when I used to do DTP & artworking), I installed one of these internal IDE Zip 100 drives on my non-USB, PCI-card-only Windows PC:




Internal IDE ZIP 100 Drive



I have tons of zip disks with terrabytes of old work files on 'em.


Fast-forward to now. My old my non-USB, PCI-card-only Windows PC with the above IDE Zip drive is no more. I need to buy an external USB Zip drive for my G4 (running Tiger)  so that I can access all those old files stored on all my old circa 2000 Zip disks. My question, therefore, is: Does anybody know whether or not my 2000-era Zip disks are compatible with any of these more modern external USB Zip drives?



Iomega ZIP 100MB USB External Disk Drive








Thanks in advance for your help.


NB: I MUST buy a USB Zip drive so that I can use it on my new 2014-era Windows laptop