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I'm facing a little problem with iMessage. Each time I try to send a photo from my Camera Roll to someone on my contacts list using iMessage, it would say that the photo is "Delivered;" however, after 10-15 seconds, a red exclamation point will pop up on the side of the image I'm trying to send with the word "Not delivered" right under it. When I tap on the exclamation point, I am prompted to either "Try Again" or "Send as Text Message." I've tried both options, but only the "Send as Text Message" option works. I can send and receive regular messages through iMessage and I can receive photos from other people through iMessage, but I cannot send photos at all. SMS/MMS works fine. It doesn't matter if I am on Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE; I still can't send photos.


I checked out the following troubleshooting guide and tried some of the solutions, but still hasn't been solved.


I did not play with any messaging settings, so I'm pretty sure that isn't where the problem is coming from. About two weeks ago, though, I tried sending 8 photos through iMessage all at once. The person I was sending it too never received the photos, but I did not get any red exclamation points. I deleted the 8 photos that my friend never received, but that didn't solve the problem either.


I am using an iPhone 5 on iOS 7.1 (11D167). Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1
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    Having the exact same problem and so is my girlfriend. It happens on my iPad and iPhone 4. It happens on her iPad Mini. From time to time, the pictures do send but they still show up as not delivered with the red exclamation mark.


    Anybody else having this problem or know of a fix because it's really getting annoying. I've only been seeing it for a couple of days now. Everything worked fine about a week ago.



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    I am having the same issue with my iPhone 4s. Happened when I updated to iOS 7.1


    I have tired all the resets I could find and nothing seems to be working. If I send the pictures through text message it works fine, so this has to be an issue with iMessage. Really wish they would fix this.

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    Same issue, iPhone 5, iOS 7.1, Verizon LTE.  Can't send photos via iMessage to anyone. I can, however, receive photos via iMessage without issue.  Not sure when this started.  I can't recall for sure if I successfully sent any photos after upgrading to 7.1.

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    Update for daveeede, amcelwee08, kirbalo, and everyone else who may have this problem:


    I'm now able to send photos through iMessage to my contacts (both iPhone and non-iPhone users). It started working Friday night (April 19) when I went out; I was in a part of my city that I usually don't go to. I found a picture on Facebook that I wanted to share, so I tried sending it to someone with an iPhone 4S. Surprisingly, the photo went through on 4G LTE (the person I sent the picture to replied back). To see if this was temporary, I sent another photo the next day to the same person and to an old phone of mine through iMessage, but this time, I was using my home's wi-fi connection. The photo was received in about 10 seconds. I have yet to try if I can send photos through iMessage on my Mac.


    I did not play with any messaging settings, but here are three things that I did leading up to Friday night (the night it started working):


    1) My old phone was a Samsung Mystic that had access to my Facebook account through ATT Social Net. I checked my Facebook settings and noticed that it was still connected to my account though ATT Social Net ended late last year. I removed it from my account.


    2) Those of you who have Facebook Mobile activated on your phones (text alerts for Facebook notifications), try disabling it by replying 'STOP' 326-65 or whatever number that informed you that text alerts is activated. Think of any other services that send you text alerts frequently. Try disabling some or all for a few hours then try sending a photo.


    3) I went to the official Apple support site on my phone, tapped on "Phone, Messages, and Cellular Data," tapped on "SMS, MMS, or iMessage not working as expected," tapped on the first option to send my phone's serial number and system information, and then entered my phone number (you can use email also) on the "iOS Diagnostics" window. A bar stating that it was getting information on the health of my phone popped up. I received a text message within a few minutes that gave me instructions on what to do next; I think I entered a verification code on the "iOS Diagnostics" window. Unfortunately, chat and phone help has a fee unless your phone is still under warranty. Thus, I couldn't get in contact with support. However, this was the last thing I did. I'm not sure, but perhaps sending information of my phone to Apple helped? Here's the site I went to:


    I ruled out that it isn't any type of hold of some sort on my ATT account. Initially, I thought messaging would go back to normal after my new billing cycle began, but that was not the case since mine starts every 12th of the month. It might be random, but not entirely sure. Is anyone else able to send photos through iMessage now?

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    I was having the same issue, I am using the iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1, Verizon LTE.  I couldnt send photos via iMessage to anyone. I can, however, receive photos via iMessage without issue. After about 24 hrs of dealing with this I  called apple support they did not help me what so ever. The only thing they said after all the attempts to fix was a full factory reset. I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS!!! So instead I looked at in this way. I Message is not a hardware issue its a Software issue. Imessage works through apples software.



    The only part of the phone that I had not reset at this point was the SIM CARD. So I took a pin and popped it out. Popped it back in restarted the phone and BAM Worked. It has never worked better. I hope this works for you like it did for me. Another thing I would recommend would be turning Imessage off before removing the SIM CARD. To do this go to Settings/Messages/IMessage(off) When you Replace the SIM CARD you have to go back into Settings/Messages/IMessage turn it back on.

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    I have three Iphones on my plan.  2 Iphone 5s and a 1 4s.  My Iphone 5 stopped sending picture texts this past weekend.  I can't recall when the last time was that I tried to send pictures but I know was the middle of April.  I know I've updated the IOS since that time.  My phone is the only phone on our plan that cannot send pictures anymore.  I can receive them and that is all.  I have not changed my settings and have actually confirmed that all my settings are the same as the other two phones on my plan that have no problem sending pictures.  I've done everything suggested in this thread and nothing has worked. The only thing I have not done is wipe my phone clean and start fresh but someone else (maybe not in this thread but some other I found online) did try that and it didn't work.  That always created a bunch of work and I hate to do it if it won't help.  If I turned imessage off I can send picture texts just fine but unfortunately I've got people with Ipads who can't send to me if I turn it off so I have it on.  This is really frustrating to me and I'm hoping someone might have some other fix I can try.  I already contacted my service provider and was told nothing changed on my plan, and that it had to be an apple issue.  I'm outside my warranty so I don't want to waste my time with Apple...especially since their answer always seems to be to wipe your phone clean...which I don't want to do.

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    Having the same problem with my iPhone 5C for the past week or so. Like others, I can receive photos no problem. But any photos I try to send, either over cellular or wifi, do not deliver. I have tried sending the photograph 2 ways: by selecting it using "choose existing" and also by copy and pasting. But still nothing!

    Getting pretty irritated by the whole thing.

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    I have this problme also, but only once contact does not recieve photos.  my wife and daughter both have iphones and about a month ago I can no longer send photos to my wifes iphone.  No problem sending to my daughter.  I have tried reseting, turning on and off imessage, you name it, I have tried it and no luck.  Help

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    I tried this and it seemed to cure the issue:


    First turn off iMessage - Settings - Messages

    Then reset your network settings - Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings


    After the iPhone restart, turn on your iMessage - Settings - Message


    Again, this cured my issue, hopefully it will cure yours.

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    Jouer Au Hockey wrote:


    I tried this and it seemed to cure the issue:


    First turn off iMessage - Settings - Messages

    Then reset your network settings - Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings


    After the iPhone restart, turn on your iMessage - Settings - Message


    Again, this cured my issue, hopefully it will cure yours.


    This fixed the issue for me.  Thanks Jouer Au Hockey

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    Work's only for the first iMessage, after don't work any more.

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    Having same problem. When I want to send a photo I have to turn off my wireless, and send the photo on data. Then I turn wireless right back on and resume sending texts via iMessage. I have no issues with other WiFi functions.

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    I try all my devices on another wifi network and all works good.


    The only difference is the modem of the internet provider.


    Mine is a Arris cable modem.

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    I don't know if this is the case with your issue, but one scenario of getting red exclamation marks is if you are group texting and one or more

    individuals is in a no service area. Everybody else will get the picture, but it shows like it never went. Very frustrating because you send it out

    again and everybody else gets it twice.

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