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I am using Winamp 5.24 and iTunes 6.05.20 on a PC running Windows XP.

When I rip a CD using Winamp, it creates AAC files using this encoder:

MP4/LC-AAC Encoder v1.2

However, when I add these files to iTunes (using File -> Add Folder to Library) they do not appear in the Library.

Am I using the wrong Winamp encoder? Please note that other AAC files that I download appear when I add these to iTunes.

iPod 3G 15 GB, Windows XP Pro
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    Well AAC is a code made/developed by apple so if you prefer AAC your most likly better off importing using iTUnes.

    That said, the most likly reason there not importing is theres something iTUnes is seeing wrong with the songs OR your running into the issue where iTUnes will not add the songs using "Add FOLDER" and you will have to use "add FILE". Alot of people report iTUnes for windows doesn't add ALL songs when using the add folder option
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    Using "Add File to Library" does not work either.

    As I said, this is only a problem with AAC files created using Winamp - adding MP3 files (and downloaded AAC files) to iTunes works OK.
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    In that case theres something wrong with winamp, its converting the files in a way not supported by iTUnes, or its attaching tags that are unreadable for iTUnes
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    ok im having a similar problem with itunes.

    i recently bought about 10 songs from the music downloads at walmart.com because lets be honest 89 cents its a better deal than 99 when u start buyin a whole lot!!

    but any ways. when they downloaded on to my computer they automatically went into jukebox (which i cant stand cause i have to go through all the trouble of moving them to itunes). so when i went to move the first one i went to "Add File From Folder" in the file menu of itunes. so i got one of the songs but the song wouldnt allow me to open the song with itunes because itunes can only conver unprotected WMA songs. how can i change this?

    thanks to anyone that can help me!!

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    There protected songs, the ONLY way around it is to burn it to CD using WMP, then put the burned CD back in open iTunes and reimport it back to the PC