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I’m having some issues with iPads using the Apple Configurator and a Bretford Cart.  I submitted this to my lovely Apple account team, however they have not acknowledged or replied to me.  I could really use some help with this one!! PLEASE


I have a deployment of about 1000 iPads.  The initial deployment is over but we collect them and redeploy them.


Here is what I do with the cart.


Load iPads in to it. 

Update to the latest iOS (if approved internally).

Restore a backup of an iPad configured with customized wallpaper.

Install a profile that contains a webclip to our MDM install.

The devices ARE not supervised, nor do I want to supervise them in any way.  We have an MDM and do not need or want device supervision.


This used to work for me with minor issues.


Now I’m having some problems.


In particular:

On some devices, I no longer get the choice to select “Next” at choose a Network connection.  Sometimes I get it and it allows me to go to choose “Continue without Wifi” and I’m good to go.  Sometimes I don’t have this choice and that is an issue.  Why is this happening? (Incidentally, when I erase all content and settings of a device that HAS allowed me to choose Next and Continue without Wifi, when it is restored, the option is no longer there.)

After the update and backup is restored, I have to go through the Hello and Welcome screens before I can install a profile. Why?

When I install profiles, it allows me to only install 1 profile at a time.  This does not work for me.  Why did this change in Apple Configurator?


What used to be a fairly simple process is now becoming kind of a pain.  I’ve searched Apple forums and it seems others are having the same issues.   Are you able to help or give advice on a better way to do this?


I have about 1000 iPads deployed and need to find the smoothest way to go about doing this.


Thank you for any help or advice.

iPad, iOS 7.1, Bretford Cart. Configurator