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Few days ago, my safari crashed and all favicons disapeared.


I tried to reload them slowly by visiting each webpage in bookmarks, but it did not help.

I also reseted safari and again, tried to visit each page, did not help.

Lastly I tried to open /library/safari to delete  Webpageicons.db , but I could not find safari folder.

Then I tried to search for Webpageicons.db on my mac, but failed.


Therefore, can you please advice how to return my favicons, I really need them




Solved by Carolyn Samit on Apr 3, 2014 12:34 PM Solved

Hi Nick ...



WebpageIcons.db is your Home folder not root level.



Open a Finder window. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder


Type or copy paste the following:




Click Go then move the WebpageIcons.db file to the Trash...



Quit and relaunch Safari. It may take a day or two for your favicons to re populate.



/Library  < root


~/Library  > home


The ~ (Tilde) character represents your home directory.


Mac OS: About Folders, Directories, and Pathnames




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