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I'm running 10.6.8 Server on a Mac Mini. The VPN server used to work reliably, but for months now I haven't been able to connect to it. PPTP is completely busted ("MPPE required, but keys are not available. Possible plugin problem?" error) and I've given up on it.


However, L2TP works partly. I can connect to it on my local network, but if I try to connect to it from an external connection (3G on my iPhone or café WiFi on my MacBook Pro), I can't connect. The VPN server doesn't even receive the incoming connection request. There are no errors in the log, nor even entries about attempted connetions. I'm using MSChapv2 with a shared secret and the VPN IP address range is outside that of the server and the router's DHCP addresses.


I have a Airport Extreme Base Station. The correct L2TP ports are open but for whatever reason, the VPN clients on my other devices can't establish a connection with the server.


Any ideas?