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My calendars are no longer in sync.  Not sure when this started.  Used to be everything was in sync. 


Now iPhone and iCloud are synced up, but when I make updates on my Mac iCal, it doesn't update the iphone or icloud, and Mac iCal isn't picking up any changes made to the iPhone or iCloud.



OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    Go through the steps listed in iCloud: Troubleshooting iCloud Calendar.


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    Don't think that is going to help, I went there not much real information plus I think this is a bug issue somewhere. I have a couple issues ALL OF A SUDDEN, where issues didn't exist. I believe they are issues in cloud not my machine or operation thereof.


    First issue: Been for a while now. Any entree you make that you set for a consistent annual event, ie birthdays, tax bill, seem to disappear at randon, reappear at random. I read somewhere on boards that Apple aware and recommends using CONTACTS to mark birthdays. However I use annual events to mark many things ( the purpose of a calendar after all ) that occur annually.


    Second issue: Started or noted just a day or two ago. This one really strange to me! I get email that contains two dates of events I AM ON MAC DESKTOP ( run 10.9.2 ) ( cal 7.0 ). I click dates in email to make events in calendar, check calendar NOTHING! I try again NOTHING! Yet, I check Ipad and Iphone 5S and events DO APPEAR properly in those calendars! Now two days later still no appearance in desktop calendar but remain in Iphone and Ipad.


    So event was created and apparently carried forth to mobile devices via cloud yet not posted on the actual device they were created on?????


    Personally I believe all such things all related to the magical CLOUD. This is why I was unhappy when we became mandated to sync via cloud instead of manually via physical connection to our own machines. Now all happens, OR DOESN'T magically on Apple cloud servers where I have no way to trace what is happening.


    George in NY