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I have a company iPad, we do not have corporate accounts, so I use my Apple ID to log in, make purchases, etc. I also have several apps that, by nature, are both personal and business (LinkedIn, etc). However, sometimes other employees need to use the iPad for business purposes (process an order, play a video,


Is there an easy way I can protect the apps that are more 'private' (email, linkedin, notes, etc) without having to jump through hoops every time a coworker needs to use the device?

iPad 2, iOS 7.1
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    If you use a "shared" iOS device( used sequentially by multiple users) you are best to set it up with no email or personal  info and a generic iTunes account(unique to the device, but set up by the company),  used to install apps. etc.  Like Toaster said, the situation you are in is not pretty.  Your personal information is open to compromise.  You need to tell your company this is a breach of your privacy. It just isn't worth your peace of mind to go forward in this situation.