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I have a 2010 a1347 server model. There was a power spike in my office, and even though it was plugged into a high end surge protector, now it will not turn on. No fan, no chime, no LED. I've tried resetting PRAM and SMC as well as holding the power button while plugging the power cable back in, even tested the cord to ensure it worked.


From what I've read it's probably either the internal power supply, or worse (and more likely it seems) a fried logic board.  I can pick up a power supply on ebay for relatively cheap, but is it worth it trying to go in and change that. What are the odds it's just the power supply and not the logic board?  I'm well out of warranty so I'm just debating between putting it up on ebay and seeing what i can get for it, or trying to go the repair route. Any thoughts?