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I have been emailing pictures from my ipad to my computer and have been going along nicely and now when I went to send 5 pictures to my computer from my ipad I am getting a message that says " cannot send mail The message was rejected by the server"  cannot understand why this is happening and have not been able to fix.  Now when I try to send pictues even to another email address I am getting the same message.


iPad 2
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    does it only fail when you add pictures?

    if not then everything picture related is irrelevant and your issue is you can't send mails from you ipad

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    Another possibility is that the size of the message exceed the size allowed by your email provider for any individual message. Perhaps previously you weren't sending as many photos at once, or the photos were smaller, or your email provider may have reduced the allowed size. Try just sending a single picture and see if that will go through.



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    It only does this when I try and send pictures, they have all been the same size and same number and I have moved over 200 before this message came up.  It does not happen if I just send an email.

    I have tried with just one picture same message, I have tried to send one picture to another email address on another computer (my wifes) same message

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    Did I read it right, is this the latest of a long string of e-mails? (you said moved 200, did you just get done doing this?)

    If so it may just be that the server thinks that you're a spammer or that you're trying to swamp that inbox and it's blocking you. The block may be premanent or it may be just for a few hours.

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    Did you use your computer to receive the emails you sent and then remove them from the email server?


    Many email service providers have a limit on the amount MB that they will hold. When you send an email it goes to the email server.

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    Yes it was a long string of emails as I can only send 5 at a time but once I saved them to Picasa I deleted the email and thought that would be enough and clearly it did ok for sometime but then I ran into this problem.

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    yes that is what I did, I sent an email with the pictures from my ipad to my computer and then moved them and saved them to Picasa and then deleted the emails.  It worked great for sometime and then this message poped up.  and I also got a message from Postmaster that I needed to delete some emails as I was almost at capacity.

    I did do that and cleared all deleted emails, sent emails, etc except for what I still need.

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    Since the emails were going through all right previously, then something mysteriously caused a problem, I suspect th Robles lies with your email service provider. Contact them to discuss what's going on.

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    Email may not be the best way to move pictures.


    There are lots of ways of moving files.


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