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Ok, I do not know what happened. One day my internal speakers work the next they don't. When I press my MacBook's volume button nothing happens. No sound, the little speaker picture that shows the volume doesn't even come up. When I plug in head phones in the sound works fine though the head phones but right when i unplug them the sound will not come thought the internal speakers. Not sure if this has anything to do with this but before they stopped working in the System preferences the sound icon was not there but instead a light-switch that was off center and cropped was in the icons' place. Then after a while it just went to the normal speaker icon. But I think this is also when my speakers stopped working. Also it says that this device has no output controls and the volume comes up gray and unchangeable. Please help.

1.83 GHz MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • Shaffer22 Level 2 (395 points)
    Reset your PMU: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303319

    See if that helps.

  • Petoe Level 1 (10 points)
    Nope. Thats not it, tried that and nothing changed.
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    Go to your Utilities folder and click on the Audio Midi Setup. Click on Built-In Output for Properties for (in the middle) and make sure the audio output format is 44.1khz and not 19.2khz. ...

    Or open and close Garage band..

    Hope this helps..regards

    Failing that it could be the "red light" being on in the optical drive, which means the machine thinks you still have headphones plugged in. Therefore plug and unplug the headphones until the red light disappears, then you should get sound.
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    I tried all of those things but nothing worked. Also that little red light is on but I think it is that my MacBook thinks it doesn't have internal speakers. I just can't understand why they don't work. Also does anyone know why my MacBook would be making a very high pitch noise? It is kinda like a screech, or a high frequency noise.
  • Shaffer22 Level 2 (395 points)
    Wait, what little red light? The one in the line output? Describe where the red light is.

  • Petoe Level 1 (10 points)
    The little red light is in the line output and is always on.
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    I have exactly the same problem - no sound out of my macbook speakers.

    I have an alert sound when i boot up, and i can get sound out of a pair of headphones, but nothing at all out of the onboard speakers. I've been to the Midi sound utilities screen, and it says i have no output device.

    When i play a dvd the red light on the headphone port lights up.

    On top of the random shutdowns, I'm really sick of my 2-month old mac experiment. Bring back Windows XP PCs! I thought macs were meant to be easy to use, and stable!
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    Ok, that red light is the laser that the MacBook uses when a digital out cable is used. What is happening is the MacBook for some reason thinks that there is a digital out cable in the line out. This, is of course, causing the MacBook to not output sound in the built-in speakers, just as if you had headphones plugged in. You aren't the first person to experience this problem, someone else has posted on this. That person tried many troubleshooting steps and I'm pretty sure they ultimately had to send it in to AppleCare. I'm pretty sure it's a hardware issue, but if you'd like, one thing you can try is an Archive and Install. That could possibly fix it, but I'm not sure. If that doesn't work, you will probably need to send it to AppleCare. The instructions for an Archive and Install are here:http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=107120

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah I only figured as much I am taking it back to the university store and getting it replaced. Microsoft still *****, Apple just had a rocky start to there MacBooks. I still think they are awesome computers! Do you think switching to a 17'' iMac would be smart?
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    Well, the iMac is a great computer. It just depends on what you need your Mac for. If you don't need it to be portable, then yes, the iMac is great.

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    We've purchased 5 of these MacBooks, 4 2GHZ and 1 1.8GHZ. So far we've only seen this digital out problem on 1 of the 2GHZ machines. After reading here and on another forum we plan to call Applecare. This is obviously another issue that Apple needs to address.
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    Okay I just experienced this as well... I don't want to reinstall OS X when it might not even fix my issue at all.. Please, is there any other way?
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    A possible solution for this problem... My MBP suddenly decided not to play audio through either the internal speakers or headphones. On removing the audio jack, the red optical light was always on. No rebooting or reinserting of the the audio jack made any difference. No volume control - the little speaker symbol popped up on screen but with a 'no entry' sign on it.

    I then simply put the audio jack into the Line In while the MBP was running and hey presto, the red light went out and I had full audio back again.