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I just updated my iMovie to 10.0.2. All projects have exported an exclamation mark on a yellow triangle.

When I open any of the projects, I see that some audio tracks are in red and not heard.

That happens with songs from iTunes and iMovie sound effects.

When I make a new project I have no problems adding that sound effect, but upgraded projects not find the file.

As I can update the location of the audio is not?

(I've found that in the old iMovie, the effects Tutilo is in English , but in the new iMovie are in Spanish )

With songs, I find that iTunes plays them because they are not missing , but here I can show them the new location. But after doing this, I can hear the song on iTunes, but the iMovie project that uses that song , I still hear it.

Please help , many audio files you would have to update one by one.

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iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    Evidently links to clips are broken.  I think the first thing to do is to check that your projects still work OK with iMovie 9.0.9.  You should still have that application in your Applications folder in a folder entitled iMovie 9.0.9.



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    I changed my imac, the new imac I have no imovie 9.0.9 and the old man imac projects I work correctly in imovie 9.0.9, but I'll sell the old imac.

    I need to get the links to the clips on my new imac (without imovie 9.0.9).

    Is there any way to update the links to broken clips?

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    OK.  if you still have your old Mac,the first thing to do  is to launch iMovie 9 and consolidate media .


    See: http://help.apple.com/imovie/#mov3ac6c7c9


    This ensures that everything iMovie needs  is in your projects and events folders.


    If you did not do this before it is likely the reason for your broken links.


    No when you copy these 2 folders to your new Mac (in place of the ones you have on it now) they will not have any links back to your old machine and they should update to iMovie 10 OK.



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    In the old imac :
    The projects are already established . Some songs I relocate , imovie says it can not find it to consolidate , but I can not hear in the project.
    That's not the biggest problem because they are a few songs which changes location and can put them back in the projects.

    In the new imac :
    I copied the folders " iMovie Projects " and " iMovie Events " from my old iMac to my new mac.
    I updated as described in this link:


    songs not found on the old imac still find them, but in itunes it indicated the correct location.
    ( That's not the biggest problem because they are a few songs and I can put them back in the projects. )
    But of all the audio sound effects themselves are bound in old imac does not find the new imac .

    I should copy the folder where I have my old imac sound effects and copy on my new imac, and can even be found in 10.0.2 imovie