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I have an HPe 5510printer how do  select document pages to be printed from my retina iPad

iPad, iOS 7.1
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    Tap the print icon. Select your printer. You should see Range>All Pages in the print window. Tap the arrow on that line. In the next window, select the page range that you want to print from the "spin wheel".


    Sorry about the giant size screenshot, I am having issues this morning.

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    I know I'm not very iPad literate but I do not get the option of page range....To print from my iPad I tap to print which then allows me to select my printer, then I only have the option to - or + copy .... .?? I have no spanner to tap on!??

    However I am pretty certain that before the last iPad update download to 7.01? ...I 'm sure that I used the page range!?

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    If the document is only one page, you don't see the spanner. There is no need to select a page range in a one page document. Are you sure that's not what you are experiencing?

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    You will have a print page range only if the app you are using supports it. Pages, the app that Demo used, does support a page range selection.