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I've followed the steps of creating a text file, opening it up in QT and when I scroll thru the file, I see my chapter headings. This is before I export it from QT. I choose export, text to text, under options I select text, descriptions and time, under relative start I chose movie and I set fractions to 1/30. I make sure it is being saved as a text file and it goes thru the process of creating the file, but when I open it in QT, the chapter headers do not show up. That's the first concern, but then I add it to the movie file after I've changed the time codes to match my video, with no error messages and it doesn't show up there either.

Should it be showing the chapter headings after export BEFORE I even edit the file? I haven't done anything to the exported file and it's not working like it should be.

Windows 7
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    I did a quick test and made a text file with nothing but a start and a finish total time. I pulled up the text file and opened Movie Inpector and the total duration of the file is different that what was entered into the text file. I change it, it changes as well to a higher amount not equal to the time I entered. Should it being doing this?