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alias bob Level 1 Level 1

When i try to make a groove template in logic 10, my computer locks up and i have to shut my computer down.  Any one else have this problem or have any idea how to fix it?

MacBook Pro
  • Allen A Community Specialists Community Specialists

    Hello alias bob,




    The following article provides some useful troubleshooting steps that can help stabilize Logic.


    Logic Pro X: Troubleshooting basics







  • Tim York Level 1 Level 1

    Here's a workaround until this is fixed:


    Groove Template from Audio Region

    1. Select Audio Region and activate Flex Time, select slicing, leave quantise off

    2. Double click audio region to open editor,  leave in Track mode

    3. Manually Add Flex markers at all the transients

    4. Switch to Flex Pitch mode (this can be done from the Audio Editor window you are in)

    5. Still in the Audio editor go to the Edit menu and select ‘Create MIDI Track from Flex Pitch Data’

    6. Close the edit window, select the new MIDI region and choose ‘Make Groove Template’ from quantise menu