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I am unable to update to OX mavericks on my Mac Book of late 2008 13-inch screen and OS version 10.7.5. Any reasons


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MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 2 GB RAM and GB diskspace
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    what happens when you try? any error messages?

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    Rgoyal --


    You're OK for everything except RAM.  You need at least 4 GB.

    Here's the FAQ from Apple:


    OS X Mavericks: System Requirements

    Learn about the system requirements for OS X Mavericks

    To install Mavericks, you need one of these Macs:

    • iMac (Mid-2007 or later)
    • MacBook (13-inch Aluminum, Late 2008), (13-inch, Early 2009 or later)
    • MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid-2009 or later),
    • MacBook Pro (15-inch or 17-inch, Mid/Late 2007 or later)
    • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or later)
    • Mac mini (Early 2009 or later)
    • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or later)
    • Xserve (Early 2009)

    Your Mac also needs:

    • OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, or Snow Leopard v10.6.8 already installed
    • 2 GB or more of memory
    • 8 GB or more of available space
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    Check that your computer is compatible with Mountain Lion/Mavericks.

    To check the model number hold down the option/alt key, go to the Apple menu and select System Information.


    • MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer) model number 5,1 or higher
    • MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer) model number 3,1 or higher