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In anticipation of a new iPhone 4S I made a backup in iTunes this morning - call it the 8:41AM backup.

Sure enough this evening I got a new iPhone and plugged it into my computer and tried to do a restore.

iTunes said I needed a more recent iOS version, so I clicked "OK."

You veterans know the next thing it did was backup my new, useless iPhone - with the same phone name as my old phone of course.  So the backup I had was 5:31PM - plain out of the box (i.e., useless) backup of my phone).  I thought I lost this morning's backup.  Nearing a heart attack I came and found out how to see the backup I really need.

I just can't get to it.


Under Edit/Preferences/Devices, I can see the 8:41AM backup listed, with the phone name (that's the same for my old phone and the new one).

I deleted the 5:31PM (useless) backup, hoping it would "promote" the backup from this morning, but that's not how it works.


Now when I click on "Restore Backup . . ." all I'm presented with are really old backups (January, when I first replaced my  iPhone) with the same phone name.



So - how can I access this morning's backup and get it on my new phone?

Thanks for any and all help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.6