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I have a macbook pro. I just installed the new IOS Mav and my iphoto is not working (like everyone elses). I read up on it and saw I needed to dowload 9.5. The issue is, is that when I try to get it it says I have to purchase it, when I have never had to do that since my Mac came with iphoto and I have over 5000 photos stored on it. I looked that up as well and read that you have to change your region to America and that would help but my computer is in that region, and has the language set as english already. So I don't understand why it is trying to make me pay for it still when it seems like everything is okay... I also am afraid that if I delete iphoto and reinstall the new one that it will delete all of my photos that I have in my library, and I obviously would not like that to happen. Can anyone please help me with this? I don't have these photos stored anywhere else either.

MacBook Pro
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    Ok I figured out the purchasing problem but now I am just afraid I will lose all of my photos! can someone tell me if I will still have them??

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    Upgrade to the current version of iPhoto via the App Store. Upgrade should be free.

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    Your photos will not be lost. Just make a copy of your iPhoto Library and you'll be just fine.

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    How do I do that? I have already downloaded the update for the mac so I can't access anything in iphoto right now. Thanks so much for replying.

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    calm down


    1 - there is no IOS for a MBP - IOS is only for mobile deices - OS X is for computers


    2 - Although you are not clear I assume that you upgraded to OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks


    3 - "Like everyone else"?   - Millions and Millions and Millions of people run Mavericks with no problems - a very few have problems - if you want help facts and details are useful and will get you help - crazy editorial statements do not help at all and make resolution must harder


    4 - obviously any intelligent person always has a good backup since everyone knows that bad things happen so there is no chance of an intelligent person losing their photos - the backup that they always have protects against that


    5 - what version of iPhoto do you have? If it is any version of Photo '11 then there is a free update - if you have a older version then you must purchase an upgrade as you always have had to do with any upgrades


    6 -

    I don't have these photos stored anywhere else either.


    As noted above that s a really bad decision on your part - No backup guarantees that you will lose all of your files including your photos sooner or later



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    1 - I meant OS X. Simple mistake.


    2 - I am completely calm and have no clue why you would think that I am not.


    3 - From what I have been reading quite a few people have had this problem and I obviously do not mean literally everyone as in the millions of people who own macs...


    4 - I have tried to put my stuff on a hard drive (like "any intelligent person") but unfortunately it will not let me transfer any of my stuff onto a hard drive that is not for a mac, and I haven't gotten around to buying one. Nor did I realize that this would even be an issue to deal with anyways because, I hate to break it to you, I am not psychic nor do I know everything there is to know about mac and it's updates.


    5 - I figured it out on my own that instead of going to the App store you go to Apple>Software update and it is there for free. What a surprise, I am slightly more intelligent than you thought.


    6 - Your response was quite rude and honestly not helpful at all. Thanks anyways.

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    Have a nice day - I certainly hope for your sake that your system fails after you find time to start backing up because it ill fail


    However do not expect my help when it does


    Good Night



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    Having the same problem here tonight. Been on the phone with apple for quite some time trying to resolve it.

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    If youre being told you need to purchase it, but iphoto was on your mac when you bought it, then you can click the apple button in the top left corner, then go to software updates. It should give you the app right there. If you are afraid of losing any photos I recommend downloading the free iphoto library manager. Then you can rebuild your library and it will save in your pictures folder. After that is done, update your iphoto where you clicked software updates and then open it and you should have all of your photos there. (: I hope that helps. If not then I hope apple can help!

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    That is so kind of you to say. Really, I am touched.

    I am sorry to ruin your hopes, but it worked out and I still have all of my photos. Without your help. So don't worry, I will not be expecting you to help me at all. Ever.


    Good night to you too Sir.