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I am having so many problems with my iPad Air that I got for Christmas. It is not jailbroken. Sometimes it doesn't work. The internet keeps going out all the time but it's not with my network because I got my network checked out and it was perfectly fine. Safari never works even when I am connected to the internet. All of the apps keep crashing. On the app store it doesn't let me download anything. I still have about 15 gigabytes left on my iPad Air. It doesn't let me sent or recieve messages. On the mail app it doesn't let me check my email because it just says I'm not connected to the internet even though I have all 3 bars. It is so slow. When I am on any app that acually works then it takes about 10 minutes just to load one thing. I think there is an internal problem with it or it might just need to be restored. I never dropped it and I always keep it protected so I don't know what is going on.





iPad, iOS 7.1