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Bought new last week, failed install at set date/time screen, hanging there.  When menu selected I had a home screen with two options, but my log in and password combination was not recognised, and I had checked and rechecked so I am sure that was not the problem.  Trawled this site and tried to role back to an earlier software version as suggested, but this was not allowed as it was not compatible with the firmware.  No can use, might be going back, not interested in playing in the modem/router settings, that all works fine for everything else I have installed (all Apple products). This is a first for me, Apple products normally install and run out of the box.


Any positive suggestions here would be gratefully accepted

Apple TV
  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    A network issue is preventing the ATV from connecting to the Internet, correct that issue.

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    Thanks, but this is no help, without any idea of what the network issue is, if that is the problem, how do I have any idea what to "fix"? BTW, all our devices are Apple devices and have had no problem being added to our home network, it leaves me wondering why the Apple TV is configured differently.

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    Apple TV

    It is having trouble connecting to the network. The other devices may be working but there is something wrong with the way your network is set up that is preventing ATV from connecting.


    The only things to try via ATV would be to connect with ethernet, make sure location is set correctly, and DNS is set to automatic. Also make sure router is up to date, reboot ATV and router.